We have a few unique selling points, that ensure we offer the best and fastest possible hosting service to our customers, at no additional fee. We believe that customer hosting should be a premium service, even when on a shared platform.

Therefore, we include the following with all our hosting packages:

  • cPanel control panel and hosting management
  • Acronis offsite backup, powered by our sister company www.enterprisebackup.co.za - a snapshot is taken every four hours
  • We fully monitor, maintain and ensure uptime of all our servers and services via Site24x7
  • Our own DNS cluster - rather than rely on third parties, our DNS cluster is spread across multiple providers in four different geographic locations worldwide. Edit your DNS records "live" via cPanel.
  • Free SSL certificates. SSL secures your website, and historically have been expensive. We provide these for free for all your primary domains and subdomains via a Let's Encrypt for cPanel plugin.

Why not take a look at the pricing for our expense-friendly hosting. We also pride ourselves in offering superb levels of support and service.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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